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Discover What Triggers the YES and Tripwires the NO in the Sales Process

“Why your prospects buy” is infinitely more important than “how you sell.” Companies spend millions of dollars annually teaching their people how to sell instead of investing in the only question that ever matters to the bottom line: “WHY DO THEY BUY?” In this revolutionary book, that question is finally answered definitively.

Receive unique insights into all 4 personality codes!

  • Blue (Blueprint)
  • Red (Action)
  • Yellow (Nurturing)
  • Green (Knowledge)

Packages Includes:

  • Digital Download of Why They Buy [PDF]
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Features of Why They Buy include:

Sales Secrets Uncovered

Learn four key secrets that hold you back from sales success– and solutions to get more YES’s without more NO’s!

Communication Improved

When you and your prospect use the same language, you quickly connect on a deeper level, so messages get through.

Bigger Sales Closed

Increase sales by up to 300% when you know the script to close all personality types, not just your own.

Buying Behavior Revealed

Know exactly what triggers close the sale and which tripwires lose the sale forever– so your income skyrockets!

Sale Cycles Shortened

Get faster results when you directly address your prospect’s most important concerns and leave the “blah blah blah” behind.

Personality Reverse-Engineered

Discover hidden truths about your prospect, not yourself, with a 90-second typing method that turns traditional systems upside down.

Don’t miss your chance to get an extra deck of personality cards and start cracking codes today. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Act fast while supplies last.

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23 reviews for Digital Edition

  1. Dan Scott

    This book is a great read. I can’t believe I have been brainwashed …:

    PARADIGM SHIFT! I was blown away by WHY THEY BUY. This book is a great read. I can’t believe I have been brainwashed to believe I have to get more NO’s to get more Yes’s. BANK is seriously a paradigm shift. It is the Holy Grail of sales. BANK not only supports the sales side but also will help with your relationships. Can you imagine understanding the way your husband, wife or child sees the world in less then 90 seconds and then adjusting to how they communicate, so powerful. Even more interesting was the validated white paper from San Francisco State University proving this system can predict buying behavior. This is a must read for everyone.

  2. Dan Scott

    Fernando Espinosa:

    Effective communications will make you free.

    WHY THEY BUY is a life-changing book. Communications is the basis of all human interaction and understanding how to communicate better with yourself and with every other person you interact with in any form is a daily chore. Cheri gives the secret to how to interact with other people in every aspect and be effective and efficient in doing so. This technology and methodology have changed the way I do business and has opened doors I never thought possible. It is a must-read, but most importantly use the principles to grow your business, your wealth, and your life.

  3. Dan Scott

    Robin E:

    This book will change the way people communicate for decades!!

    Why They Buy is a must read for everyone in business. Cheri Tree has done what no one else did for many years and cracked the code to increased sales, improved client relationships and truly valuing the way your client and prospect wants to learn about your product and service. I predict this book will change the way people communicate for decades to come. Highly recommend you not only read the book but immerse yourself in the training.

  4. Dan Scott

    By far the best business, sales and communication book I’ve ever read:

    This book is my new bible in business and at home! By far the best business, sales and communication book I’ve ever read. And I read 4 books a month! BANK changed my business. I applied immediately what I learned and increased my sales by $35.000 in one email campaign. I use BANK every day, it increased my sales more than 300% and I have in general better relationships that fulfill my life purpose. This book is a must read for every person! Cheri Tree writes in a very funny and effective easy way to read! This book is going to change your life, as long as you read it and apply it.

  5. Dan Scott

    Like and Trust Factor:

    20 years in sales- Certified facilitator for SPIN Selling- I’ve been around the block once or 10 times. In an ever-changing and dynamic world marketplace, consumers are more educated, more informed and have access to more information AND CHOICES than ever before. What worked last year is no longer the formula for capturing and closing buyers. The only secret left is in this book– KNOWING YOUR BUYER and speaking relevantly to WHO they are, what important to them and figuring out not just what they buy but WHY they buy. The only thing that’s ever “really” worked in sales is building relationships… Why They Buy gives you the code to really connecting and forging authentic relationships with your prospect so they become a customer or client much more quickly by building that know, like and trust factor. I found the book incredibly helpful with real, tangible scripts, traits that are specific to each personality type and insight into WHY it’s important to know these things. I love the fact that Cheri speaks from the “been there done that” perspective. She’s been in the trenches and she’s ridden the silver lined cloud of success– this book was incredibly helpful to me to connect some dots that had previously been missing. Easy to read, practical and based in real science. I can’t speak highly enough. If you’re ready to close more sales, and make a few new friends in the process- this book is a must have!

  6. Dan Scott

    She makes her system so easy to understand and follow in this book:

    This book helped me with communication in all areas of my life, not just sales! I saw the author Cheri Tree speak and train. She is real, articulates and inspiring. She makes her system so easy to understand and follow in this book and…. She’s one of the best teachers I have learned from in the area of communication while keeping the other persons values in mind. This book not only helped my business but also it helped in successful communication with, my husband, my grandkids and everyone around me. If you interact with people in any and every walk of life, “Why They Buy” is a must!

  7. Dan Scott

    Jory H. Fisher:

    Prepare to be amazed!

    I love this book! It’s fair to say Cheri has a way with words. Whatever YOUR personality type, Cheri speaks your language. You’ll feel as if she’s having a conversation with YOU. You’ll come away with keen insight into why you may be struggling with sales–all kinds of sales–and you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with prospects, friends, family members, board members, staff members, constituents, congregations… everyone!

    Cheri is a highly gifted woman full of purpose, passion, and grit. That winning combination is helping her make a huge, meaningful difference in the world. Read her book. Catch the vision. Take action. And prepare to be amazed.