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Crack Your Clients Personality Code In Less Than 90 Seconds.

A recent independent study at San Francisco State University reveals that being able to quickly pinpoint the “buying personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely! B.A.N.K. lets you identify the buying personality of your prospect in the first 90 seconds of a sales call and use a simple system to customize your sales pitch to the right type.

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B.A.N.K.™ is a reverse-engineered personality profiling system designed to dramatically improve your communication, accelerate your negotiations, and close more sales!

Cheri Tree’s 90 second formula, to better understanding your clients, leading to better reviews and sales with no complaints!

7 reviews for Set of BANK Cards

  1. Dan Scott

    Stephanie Bonte-Lebair:

    This book is a game changer for anyone looking to improve their communication and sales ability. Cheri gives a step-by-step process for how to communicate, negotiate and close more sales based on the value system of the person in front of you. Instead of delivering the same script over and over until you get a yes, this book shows you how to change the script in seconds and speak the language of your prospect. You learn how to be more authentic and help people understand who you are and what you do at a completely different level. There isn’t a single book out there that helps connect personality and values directly to the buying decision. Cheri has created a powerful and revolutionary methodology that is going to change the world one conversation at a time.

  2. Dan Scott

    Kim Breton-Cobb:

    Reading Cheri Tree’s book is almost as good as hearing her Speak! Cheri Tree just continues to amaze… I thoroughly enjoyed learning so much from Cheri from just being in the audience when I have had the privilege to hear her speak at seminars I have attended– seminars where she was a co-speaker with people like Les Brown and Robert Kiyosaki, Toni Robbins and Barbara Corcoran (just for those that have never had the chance to hear Cheri Tree speak, this is the caliber of speakers she shares the stage with) Cheri is an EXCELLENT speaker — and I am just as pleased to say she is also an EXCELLENT writer!

    “Why They Buy” is one of those rare books that comes along and is just full of “Ah Ha’moments…. Just when you THOUGHT you may have known EVERYTHING about “Personality Assessments” (like DISC or MBTI or whatever FB Quiz popped up on your feed- LOL), or if you’ve never even thought much about other peoples personalities or how not recognizing those differences could be negatively impacting both your Business & Sales (clients/co-worker/employees) or even your close relationships (Spouse/Family/Friends) — it doesn’t matter which side you fall on (know “everything”/know almost nothing about personality testing )– you NEED TO BUY (and READ!) this BOOK!

    I’ll end with this quote by Zig Ziglar: “If people LIKE you they will LISTEN to you.. but, if they TRUST YOU they will do BUSINESS with you.”

    “Why They Buy” is that little “missing piece of the puzzle” (that many of us didn’t even know was missing!) that is the “bridge” from just being “Liked” to being “Trusted” (and NO — not by some sales “trickery”, but, by just better understanding of your clients needs), and, seeing how we need to be TRUSTED to be successful in ANY type of business, I think any tool (like this book) that helps us build & understand what effects our “Know, Like Trust” factor is worth our attention.

  3. Dan Scott

    Shelly Pereira:

    The #1 sales and communication book that will help all salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs is Why They Buy. Understanding what your customers and prospects value and how they make buying decisions is invaluable. The book is based on the B.A.N.K. system, which is a revolutionary sales training system and a missing link in the sales process. Why They Buy will teach you how to crack your prospect’s personality code in under 90 seconds, connect on a deeper level with your prospects, deliver a more impactful sales presentation, accelerate customer acquisition and decrease sales cycles. I use the B.A.N.K. principles on a daily basis and have had extraordinary results. B.A.N.K. provides a simple step-by-step approach, an easier and faster way to understand and serve the needs of your customers and is scientifically proven to improve communication and close more sales.

    Cheri Tree has proven she has the ability to take the reader on a journey, teaching new concepts while telling great stories to connect the learning. It is like she is right there with you.

    I highly recommend Why They Buy.

  4. Dan Scott

    Easy read, comprehensive view about people’s motivation based on their personality:

    I love this book for 2 reasons:

    1. The look and feel of it. The book is on white glossy paper with big font and colors on each page. It makes reading easy for someone who are 50+ years old.

    2. The content. I always love to learn about myself and understand why my thinking is different from my siblings, my spouse, or my children. This book gives me that picture and understanding. If you want to improve your relationship with love ones, read this book. Reach out to BANKCODE trainers and find a way to get a deeper understanding and practice it. Pretty soon, you will develop a compassionate heart for people who are not like you, and you will know what to say to them so that you feel heard and understood.

  5. Dan Scott

    One of the most important business books of 2017:

    Why They Buy is a Simple yet powerful book about a new way to discover a customer’s personality type,and how to speak and communicate to each person in a customized and optimal way. This is a great book for anyone that wants to increase their sales and communication skills.Very well written, The book is about BANK, a Personality Type system, based on 4 personalty types, Blueprint, Action, Nurturer and Knowledge. BANK is an acronym from the first initial of each personality type. The book has great ideas and great examples. But I think what is most important about this book is that it is both a scientifically proven system, but also that it is eminently practical and useful for sales and business. Most other Personality Systems are too complex to use in the fast moving business or sales world. BANK was designed for sales and business situations.The hardcover edition is also beautifully printed. I love books and this book looks and feels wonderful.

  6. Dan Scott

    This book is a great read. I can’t believe I have been brainwashed …:

    PARADIGM SHIFT! I was blown away by WHY THEY BUY. This book is a great read. I can’t believe I have been brainwashed to believe I have to get more NO’s to get more Yes’s. BANK is seriously a paradigm shift. It is the Holy Grail of sales. BANK not only supports the sales side but also will help with your relationships. Can you imagine understanding the way your husband, wife or child sees the world in less then 90 seconds and then adjusting to how they communicate, so powerful. Even more interesting was the validated white paper from San Francisco State University proving this system can predict buying behavior. This is a must read for everyone.

  7. Dan Scott

    Aviva Publishing (2017)
    ISBN: 978-1-944335-68-7

    New Book Reveals World’s Greatest Sales Secret
    In Why They Buy: Cracking the Personality Code to Achieve Record Sales and Real Wealth, entrepreneur Cheri Tree reveals her game-changing system that will help any salesperson connect with his or her prospects in a way that will seal the deal and create win-win situations for everyone.
    Being in sales is one of the toughest jobs out there, but the truth is that we are all in sales. If we’re not trying to sell a product to our customers, we’re trying to sell our kids on eating their vegetables or our employer on giving us a raise. Every day, we are faced with situations where we need to “sell” (promote our agenda or viewpoint), and we can achieve more success in all these sales situations when we learn the personality code of the person we’re trying to sell to. How do we do that? By using Cheri Tree’s B.A.N.K. system that she outlines in simple and practical detail in this book.
    Rest assured, B.A.N.K. is not a system to manipulate people into buying something they don’t want. It’s a system to help you learn how to connect with people using the language they want to hear. As Cheri points out in the book, 66 percent of customers are turned off by presentations given by salespeople. That’s because the salesperson is not speaking in a language the customer wants to hear or really understands. As Cheri reveals, people have different personalities, so if you want to sell to someone, you have to understand that person’s personality type. B.A.N.K. is an acronym for the four personality types, and since there’s four of them, if you don’t know the person’s personality type, you only have a 1 in 4 chance of making the right sales pitch. However, as research indicates, 82 percent of people want to buy from their matching personality type. That means that if the salesperson doesn’t match their personality type, the salesperson will likely lose the sale. B.A.N.K. helps the salesperson identity the customer’s personality type in less than ninety seconds so he or she can morph the customer’s type and then have an excellent chance of closing the sale!
    To explain all four of the personality types here would be to give away too much information—better you read about them in the book. In fact, you can take a quiz to determine your own personality type. I will just say that Cheri walks readers step-by-step through the mindset behind why B.A.N.K. works better than any other sales program. Then she goes into detail in her description of each of the four personality types so you will understand the types’ likes, dislikes, and idiosyncrasies and can tailor your sales presentation and all communications accordingly. Once you do this, your prospects will be more receptive to your message and you’ll improve your sales and relationships.
    Yes, B.A.N.K. really works! In fact, Cheri is living proof of it. She is very honest throughout the book about the struggles she went through in sales before she discovered this system. She states:
    “I started off at the bottom…the very bottom! My dream of being a successful entrepreneur got crushed when I realized that I sucked at sales. I was so terrible that during my entire first year in sales as a commission-only financial advisor, I only earned $700! I was the worst salesperson on the team!”
    Cheri goes on to describe how she spent years trying to figure out what she was doing wrong until she discovered the B.A.N.K. system. Then, she tells us, “Using the B.A.N.K. code, I took my income in a single year from $72,000 to over $500,000—a 695 percent increase. Within three years, my annual income surpassed one million dollars—and the rest, they say, is history.”
    But there’s a lot more to B.A.N.K. than just sales and making money. Not that money isn’t important—money, as Cheri points out, does bring happiness because it makes life easier for people; it allows them to fulfill their dreams, have security, and take care of their loved ones. But more importantly, B.A.N.K. can help us improve our relationships with everyone from our loved ones to our customers and strangers. Cheri states:
    “You want to know what Cheri Tree is really about? I’m about changing lives. I don’t care at all about the money, but I know that helping you make more money can change your life. Money can help you achieve your real dreams. Sure, people have told me, ‘Money doesn’t buy you happiness.’ But when they say that, I usually reply, ‘Well, I recommend you try making at least a million dollars in one year and then reevaluate that saying!’ That’s another silly myth, right? Money definitely can buy you a lot of happiness, but money isn’t everything.”
    Most of Why They Buy is dedicated to the power of B.A.N.K. to help people in sales, but Cheri also offers examples of how learning each other’s B.A.N.K. codes has helped family members learn to communicate better; it’s even helped people connect with people who are suicidal to save their lives. It could actually bring world peace as world leaders learn how to communicate with each other using this system. That world peace dream isn’t even all that far-fetched considering that Cheri Tree has already introduced B.A.N.K. to thou