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Discover What Triggers the YES and Tripwires the NO in the Sales Process

“Why your prospects buy” is infinitely more important than “how you sell.” Companies spend millions of dollars annually teaching their people how to sell instead of investing in the only question that ever matters to the bottom line: “WHY DO THEY BUY?” In this revolutionary book, that question is finally answered definitively.

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Features of Why They Buy include:

Sales Secrets Uncovered

Learn four key secrets that hold you back from sales success– and solutions to get more YES’s without more NO’s!

Communication Improved

When you and your prospect use the same language, you quickly connect on a deeper level, so messages get through.

Bigger Sales Closed

Increase sales by up to 300% when you know the script to close all personality types, not just your own.

Buying Behavior Revealed

Know exactly what triggers close the sale and which tripwires lose the sale forever– so your income skyrockets!

Sale Cycles Shortened

Get faster results when you directly address your prospect’s most important concerns and leave the “blah blah blah” behind.

Personality Reverse-Engineered

Discover hidden truths about your prospect, not yourself, with a 90-second typing method that turns traditional systems upside down.

Don’t miss your chance to get an extra deck of personality cards and start cracking codes today. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Act fast while supplies last.

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8 reviews for The Collection

  1. Dan Scott


    Never had more WOW and Aha moments reading a book. For many years I have been knowing that all the sales education I learned around “How to sell” was only part of the equation. After read this book there is no longer any doubt that “How to sell” is complementary. The foundation is “Why they buy”. Its magical to read and get Aha-moments on more or less every page in the book. Cheri Tree have written this in a very simple to understand english, which for us not native english speaking persons a good thing. Will recommend this book to every salesperson that would like to break some records from the past. Read this book as soon as possible and you will increase your sales numbers.

  2. Dan Scott

    Gabriella de Leeuw:
    A must read for everybody who is in sales or a relationship. Cheri Tree is mastering in this book her favorite subject : sales. It’s anything but a common book about sales. It’s a unique and innovative book about our and your prospects buying Behaviour. By reading this book you will definitely improve your sales, communication and relationships. A total game changer for me.

  3. Dan Scott

    Goh Chong Tong:

    Because from this book and Cheri, I learnt the Secret, the Science and the System that no one can teach me in a simpler way the complicated ” Art” of Salesmanship can be taught. It’s really a genius methodology, to help me connect and communicate with each of my prospect in all aspects of my life. Thank you Cheri for your generous sharing. I strongly recommend this book.

  4. Dan Scott

    Jane Johnston:

    Why They Buy is an insightful book. Cheri’s book is a must read for anyone in Sales – no matter what the industry! It’s very insightful and made me realise that my own buying code is affecting how I sell, whereas I should be speaking to my clients in their codes – to make them more comfortable and informed in a way that works for them!

  5. Dan Scott

    Wow! What more needs to be said:

    Amazing book, life changing. Everyone needs to read this. Start communicating better on a daily basis, increase sales and have a better way of life.

  6. Dan Scott

    One World, One Language:

    In 6 short mos. this book, Cheri Tree, and B.A.N.K. has changed my life. And I’m just getting started! The tools are priceless! A must read for EVERYONE!

  7. Dan Scott

    Tyler Tichelaar:

    In Why They Buy: Cracking the Personality Code to Achieve Record Sales and Real Wealth, entrepreneur Cheri Tree reveals her game-changing system that will help any salesperson connect with his or her prospects in a way that will seal the deal and create win-win situations for everyone.

    Being in sales is one of the toughest jobs out there, but the truth is that we are all in sales. If we’re not trying to sell a product to our customers, we’re trying to sell our kids on eating their vegetables or our employer on giving us a raise. Every day, we are faced with situations where we need to “sell” (promote our agenda or viewpoint), and we can achieve more success in all these sales situations when we learn the personality code of the person we’re trying to sell to. How do we do that? By using Cheri Tree’s B.A.N.K. system that she outlines in simple and practical detail in this book.

    Rest assured, B.A.N.K. is not a system to manipulate people into buying something they don’t want. It’s a system to help you learn how to connect with people using the language they want to hear. As Cheri points out in the book, 66 percent of customers are turned off by presentations given by salespeople. That’s because the salesperson is not speaking in a language the customer wants to hear or really understands. As Cheri reveals, people have different personalities, so if you want to sell to someone, you have to understand that person’s personality type. B.A.N.K. is an acronym for the four personality types, and since there’s four of them, if you don’t know the person’s personality type, you only have a 1 in 4 chance of making the right sales pitch.

    However, as research indicates, 82 percent of people want to buy from their matching personality type. That means that if the salesperson doesn’t match their personality type, the salesperson will likely lose the sale. B.A.N.K. helps the salesperson identity the customer’s personality type in less than ninety seconds so he or she can morph the customer’s type and then have an excellent chance of closing the sale!

    To explain all four of the personality types here would be to give away too much information—better you read about them in the book. In fact, you can take a quiz to determine your own personality type. I will just say that Cheri walks readers step-by-step through the mindset behind why B.A.N.K. works better than any